We are increasingly experiencing distorted facts when using news websites on the internet. There are whole teams of people on the internet dedicated to threatening the safety of websites for their own protection or gain. Why does this information concern this news and community website? This website features classifieds, links and business contacts. We believe that the security of people sharing information should be paramount and we use a cybersecurity company to overcome the concerns of both web users and those affected by information on the website.

This website uses the services of Holm Security to safeguard information and provide the most factually correct and important news of today. The hassle of idle threats to staff and internet security is considered seriously by the website. Security considerations such as hacking, fraud and vulnerability of external systems are all something that everyone should consider.

Cybersecurity is an unfortunate part of owning a website that is so publicly available and under the scrutiny of various readers. However, it is a true reality of the modern news industry. Our aim is to provide the best opportunities for the community of Elmbridge to interact with other users. It should also allow users to learn more about their community without compromising internet security or safety.

Readers and anybody interacting with the internet should be guaranteed safety when navigating news portals, Google and so on. Elmbridge citizens as well as citizens from all over the would have a right to enjoy a safe and hassle free internet experience and be able to interact with people from all walks of life. The website believes strongly in the continued support of the Elmbridge Borough. The security and quality of the website are crucial for not only the website but also for connections and knowledge about the community.