Local news websites are often more relevant and factually correct than some of the other larger corporate news websites. Local news staff can see through the incorrect statements and facts made by people in the community. This is simply because staff have well-established contacts and know the history of the area. Why does this matter? People expect that what they are reading is accurate and factual. This means that local people can make more informed choices about their local lives in Elmbridge.

News websites made by local people means accountability and transparency. If a local website makes poor choices in the information that they post about the local community, they will receive feedback very quickly from the local community This is unlike news larger corporate websites that often have very little knowledge about the local community that they report about. They may receive feedback but do not necessarily need to consider it because of the sheer size of their organisation.

Here are some other reasons why local news websites are better:

  • Usually less bureaucracy with most of the work conducted in-house fewer miscommunications
  • Advertising on the website appeals to local preferences and culture
  • Content appeals to important news of the day for local people
  • Local news websites have a better knowledge about issues that affect smaller communities that are often overlooked by larger news websites
  • A knowledge of local contacts means that content is more relevant and up to date
  • More responsive to feedback because local reporters and staff live in the local community.

Local news is one of the best ways of keeping track of what is going on in the community. However, the larger corporate websites fail to understand both their audience and consequences of posting information. They also have very little knowledge about the flow of information and what is really important to local people based on geography and their preferences. Local news counteracts some of these problems and is more accountable to the community that they live in.